In the month of July, our travels led us to the idyllic Alam Batu Beach Bungalow Resort on Bali, where the allure of Kubu’s renowned macro critters awaited. To our delight, the reef and black-sand slopes did not disappoint. Among the myriad of incredible creatures encountered, the juvenile and adult rhinopias stole the spotlight, accompanied by the captivating presence of over twenty harlequin shrimp and an array of colorful ghost pipefish.

When not immersed in the underwater wonders, our moments of relaxation were gracefully spent by the oceanfront infinity pool, where the calmer water mirrored the tranquility of our surroundings. The lap of luxury extended to the resort’s spa, adding a touch of indulgence to our days.

Capturing these extraordinary moments was Kerri, using the Sony A7RV housed in the Nauticam NA-A7RV, while Hergen filmed with the Sony A1 in the NA-A1 housing, equipped with the cutting-edge EMWL.


This video was captured inm 4K60p with the Sony A1 in the NA-A1 housing with the Nauticam EMWL (60º, 100º, amnd 130º objectives) along with Backscatter MW4300 Video Lights.  The Nauticam article on this can be found here.