Cenderawasih Bay & Bali | July 2022 | Damai & Alam Batu

Kerri headed out to Indo for a few weeks to go visit the “sock puppets” of Cenderawasih Bay and followed it up with some amazing critter diving at Alam Batu in Bali. 


Cenderawasih Bay offers the opportunity to swim with whale sharks as they aggregate near the traditional fishing platforms.  These fishing platforms use bright lights at night to attract small baitfish which they then haul up onto the platform with nets.  These fish are then sold as bait to the larger fishing boats.  The whale sharks also feed on the baitfish and are considered good luck by the fisherman.


The critter diving from Alam Batu is incredible and includes a wide variety of nudibranchs as well as rhiniopias, frogfish and harlequin shrimp.