Fiji | February 2022 | Voli Voli

The Bligh Waters off Fiji’s Viti Levu island are some of the most stunning in the archipelago.  Diving here is drinking in a visual cocktail of incredibly healthy hard corals, colorful soft corals and pulsing schools of anthias.  We stayed and dived with Voli Voli Beach Resort which sits just outside the park and offers daily boat three tank boat dives in Vatu-i-Ra. Thanks to Stewart Galloway for the header image!


Images of the Vatu-i-Ra’s reefscapes are easily recognizable and always feature amazing soft corals and schooling anthias.


For this trip, Hergen shot the Sony A7S III in the Nauticam NA-A7SIII with the Atomos NinjaV in the NA-NinjaV housing.  This amazing video platform was also our first attempt at publishing an HDR video.  Results below.