Galapagos | August 2021 | Galapagos Sky

Galapagos brings to mind a mashup of a BBC documentary and Master & Commander.  

For this incredible destination we chose the Galapagos Sky.  Despite only being a seven night trip, the diving was incredibly diverse.  As the boat moves across the park, the underwater scenery changes as fast the topside.  Between dives a pair of binoculars and the dive staff’s sharp eyes (they’re all trained naturalists as well) make the surface intervals just as interesting as the dives themselves.

From hammerheads at the fallen arch of Darwin to the absolutely strange marine iguanas, underwater Galapagos is now one of our top destinations for unique encounters.

Join us aboard the Galapagos Sky again in 2024 for a 10-night trip!


Hammerheads are one of the big draws to the Galapagos and we had some quality encounters at Wolf and Darwin.  While hammerheads are awesome, some of the more photographically interesting events involved the Galapagos sharks which were not shy and often passed by in the shallows.


We had the optimum conditions for our marine iguana dive with calm seas and lots of glass fish.  Alongside the iguanas a few penguins swam past.  Dolphins, turtles, eagle rays and even a turtle being cleaned made appearances.


Almost every dive featured either sea lions buzzing by.  These graceful swimmers always seemed interested ini hat we were doing.  The fur seals were also a unique encounter and their playfulness made it a highlight of the trip.


Our final dive was one of the most memorable, diving into a giant bait ball of salema.