Halmahera | April 2022 | Pindito

Indonesia opened up and we headed to the Pindito to see all the amazing work Edi had done to the boat as well as to check out a new destination for us, Halmahera.  The trip started in Bitung with some Lembeh Strait diving and ended after after a few days in Raja Ampat.  The diving was awesome with lots of black tip reef sharks and some large schools of barracudas in Tifore.  Halmahera is sure to make the list for future trips!


This trip had lots of great barracuda school encounters.  First at the island of Tifore which sits between Sulawesi and Halmahera.  The patly named Barracuda Reef had a large school that roams around the pinnacle.  On an exploratory dive just west of Misool we also had some good action with a smaller school that roamed the sandy ridge.


The reefs of Halmahera were different from those in other areas and seemed an amalgamation of Banda Sea and Komodo.  The reefs tended to have little upward structure but were rich with hard and soft corals alike.  Some of the shallow hard coral areas were covered in fish the colors of the soft corals were reminiscent of southern Komodo dive sites.


In addition to some great macro from the first day in Lembeh, we were pleased to find several exceptional macro sites including one island that was a dead-ringer for Sangeang with great critter action and even bubbles coming from the black sandy bottom.


The Halmahera portion of the itinerary was thick with black tip reef sharks.  We counted twelve within sight at one time on a dive.  Turtles and big trevally also were spotted.  Once in Raja Ampat we also had mantas, jacks and very cooperative sweetlips.