Deviating from our usual Komodo itineraries, we opted for a longer overall crossing from Bima to Maumere, delving into some of the less-explored areas beyond the park’s confines.

Our underwater safari commenced with an awe-inspiring encounter, snorkeling and diving alongside majestic whale sharks at the Bagans in Sale Bay. A notable departure from conventional experiences, we were graced by the presence of a larger female whale shark, adding an extra layer of uniqueness to the encounter.

The island of Sangeang, an active volcano positioned to the north and west of the park, has consistently held a special place in our hearts as a dive destination. Previous trips have seen us dedicating substantial time to its critter-rich black sand slopes. Unsurprisingly, Sangeang lived up to its reputation, and favorable conditions even allowed us to explore the east side for two consecutive days, unveiling the mesmerizing Bubble Reef.

Venturing into the northern waters, we were treated to a spectacle of mantas and vibrant reef activity, compensating for our relatively brief exploration in the southern region. The unusual chill in the water took us by surprise, with our dive computers recording a temperature of 62ยบ in Manta Alley, marking an unprecedented experience in our thousands of dives in Komodo.




Komodo has always been one of the greatest critter destinations but they’re often upstaged by the bigger things around the park.