Triton Bay | Feb 2019 | Triton Bay Divers

Triton Bay Divers’ location can only be called idyllic.  With the whitest white sand shaded by arching palm trees, the beachfront bungalows offer one of the most unspoiled views around.  The diving is a perfect mix of macro and wide with schooling fish, soft corals and critters as well as friendly batfish and some baitfish.


A bargibanti pygmy seahorse that can’t quite decide if its yellow or pink.


For this trip we had the new Nauticam MWL-1 with Nikon Z7 mirrorless camera.  The MWL is designed to give a 150º field-of-view with a zero inch minimum focus distance and a small front element to allow for “macro” wide-angle images.  The setup worked well for a variety of different shots in the area.


Life is everywhere in Triton Bay and the fishing platforms provided us with some nice whale shark encounters.  This school of mobula rays was hunting the silversides in the black coral forest of Sarenus.